Pack Size 3 or 6 


Our 5 cl Beverley Gin miniatures are not only cute , but are ideal for Wedding Favours 


Our Beverley Gin is an elegant handcrafted classic gin . Distilled in East Yorkshire, in small batches to acheive that premium flavour. Complete within a faboulus bottle and now a brand New ! label design of the famous landmarks of Beverley, such as the beautiful Beverley Minster and the Westwood


Beverley Gin is Handcrafted in small batches using the finest botanicals. Beverley Gin is a beautiful,light floral gin which combines the delicate hint of rose petals with the berry-rich warmth of hibiscus. Lemon peel adds citrus overtones and the subtle sweetness of chamomile compliments and gently softens this flavoursome dry gin.ALC 42% vol

Beverley Gin 5cl Miniatures 3 or 6 Pack