Our gin was inspired by the fact that King William 111, or more fondly known as in Hull as King Billy played a huge part in bringing over the Juniper Spirit over to England from the Netherlands

It's very bizarre how our gin was founded, I have always been interested in Art but have never seem to of had the time. So I decided to tip my toe in the water again, by creating illustrations of Hull using words. One of my illustrations was of Hull's popular statue of King William (King Billy)

I needed to research King Billy for relevant words to be used in my illustration. It was then it came to light that King William (King Billy) had actually played a huge part of introducing gin to England. Been a keen gin drinker myself, I went on a mission to track down a bottle of King Billy Gin to my amazement I couldn't find one.

At first we decided to go down the route of having our gins distilled

by a third party. However during lockdown we decided to it was

time to take control and have everything made in Hull.

So now we can proudly say we do it all from the label design to the recipe development all in house.